Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a couple last ones...

oh--there's the (what's the french word? the "piece-de-resistance??") the best picture that you didn't see...I ran out of space so it's here...the most amazing outfit (that I even have a hard believing that even in the fashion-challanged 70's people didn't look at this and say "what in the..." in who's right mind was this even a possible look? i mean, it's too dumb to even be french, let alone european. and i throw the child's/ pre-grandpa outfit for an additional chuckle..nice belt henry. even on his dorkiest day my brother NEVER NEVER EVER looked that bad....looked like a "don johnson wanna-be" a chunk of the time but not this dorky...and also as they stated in the email...nothing says commitment like matching (godawful) swimsuits...-

End the month with a belly laugh....

hey there--not much going on but store/ life cleaning, arranging...seems like a constant at the present time. I did get this email from a friend--apparently an intact 1977 JC Penny's catalog was found in the ceiling while some work was being done and..well, as you can see, the pictures speak for themselves. I haven't laughed that hard in a long's amazing what a good belly laugh will do for you. I couldn't get over the (sic-lovely) styles, let alone the beau-ty colors and well, flattering fashions--I mean, who wouldn't want jumpsuits? esp matching? and prision orange--that says classy in my book! and I love the guys trying not to look gay in the terry cloth nightie..what's that about? And the "oh-don't-I-look-hot" boy in the, it's amazing how fashion rolls around, we think we are sooo cool and happening and years later--someone is spewing coffee on their desk, choking because 30 yrs have gone by those previously "cool" looks make us we look like someones autistic orangatan picked out our clothing....ANYWAYS...this was too rich to pass up/ pass on and help someone else end their month in a tear-jerking belly laugh! so enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's the most (premature) time of the year....

I've been meaning to write this for a while...but things have been a bit hectic. Between the vomiting/diarrhea virus, the high fever/ sore throat virus, the cough-your-lungs-out virus, some strep throat, the "its-a-couple-weeks-after-my-kids-parent-teacher-conferences-and-i'm-freakin'-out" visits, and trying to clean at home to please the new roommate (not to mention trying to get ready for mom's visit next month!!)...let's just say it's been busy. So the other is the busy-i-ness in the store, all the prep and changes going on' s a taste of what kind of conversation went on between me and Anji 3 weeks ago.
her: so--since halloween is done let's start getting out the christmas decor and going to town!!
me: WHAT???
her: yeah, I really want to make this place look good this year for the holidays!
me: uhm...isn't it a bit, say, early?
her:oh no, we're actually a bit behind as far as retail is concerned. we gotta get a move on.
me: no no no no. I can't. I hate even looking at christmas stuff in the stores even before turkey day. it gives me a physical reaction.
her: well get over it. let's start.
me: no--seriously. It'll give me hives. I'll vomit.
(Anji rolls her eyes at me, as she often does). I start to whimper, taking the defensive position on the floor.
me: please, don't make me prematurely decorate. I'll decompose. it's against my very nature, my being--i even think its against my religion. can't we just be the only store that doesn't follow such shallow tactic? won't people acknowledge our superiority for not being corporate sheep and shop her in support of our ideology?
(Anji is now entering her mad phase--a totally scary thing to experience, from one who has been there.)
me: ok ok--i guess i can change my beliefs for once. just don't make me...
her: get the tree.

(not embellishments, what so ever were used to make this blog--i swear. I never, ever ever stretch the truth, just like Anji is never ever ever sarcastic. and we both just love love love the holidays to death--yes esp when you are in retail. its is so much fun, yippie ki yi yo it is fun fun fun no please don't stop everyone is so great i wish it could be like this all year wow it isgreathowcouldieverlivewithoutthisitmuchmorefunthangivingfiveyearoldsshots...)

if you read this blog, please come rescue me.

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Bee" the change around you...

Change...lots and lots of change...(or as we learned in science, entropy--it's the only constant, right??) New season, new looks (for the store, the house, outlooks, etc)--sometimes it can be a bit to grasp can also be ok. It's inevitable, sometimes good things come out of it, sometimes not--but hey, you roll with it or it rolls over you (STEAMROLLER!!) So, I am dealing with change, dealing ok. I went and was the Bee Movie with Anji's kids (Max and Mason) today--who knew? comedy and cartoons can be boring, I guess that was today's lesson. I know I wasn't just me--I saw a lot of parents yawning as they left. Poor Jerry, not the same without Kramer. Trying to stay warm--thanks for all the snickers folks/ hosers!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First snow!!

YEAH!!! We had, on Monday the 5th of November, the FIRST snow of the year...aka MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I LOVE SNOW!! It's the best weather, enviromental experience there is...I wait for the first snow to release all my frustrations and renew's my cosmic cleansing, if ya will. It came a bit early this year, which is fine with me; I totally need a new start, plus I made me totally jazzed and ready to face anything...snow, the ultimate equalizer. Hopefully the fact that we have it already means that we will have another snowy winter (last year was AWESOME!! it set all kinds of records for the area...I've always been bummed that there's been less snow in Alaska than anywhere else I've last winter made up for it. And if this winter can bring it on...even better for me.) I've always said that (hahaha) the perfect weather for my (hahahah harder) wedding day would be big fluffy flakes of roommate who likes to clean (mom's grinning her head off!!) new attitude, exercise routine and habits--all due to the new year/ start of snow. love it.