Monday, October 27, 2008

Beauty (snow, that is) and Beasts

so--my kinda weather this weekend. lots of pure, beautiful white snow. LOVED IT!! unfortunately, it won't last long here...the rain washes it away..lovely while it happened tho'. And then we had our concert (Juneau Symphony Orchestra) which was a BLAST--there's a ton of fun people, all in costumes, playing music together (and we sound good!!) which made the weekend even of a blast...ah. loving life right now...only way it'd get better is to have family here to enjoy it too...??possibly soon??

Monday, October 6, 2008

My new "shadow"

As a few of you know, I am (semi-temporarily) dogsitting for a couple of years....a friend of mine sister is in college (has to be in dorms first 2 years) and cannot have her I am doing the extended sitting thing. Altho' i told her if I get too attached, I may not be able to let her go back (aka Mr. Rex). And the truth is--I love her already!! She is such a good dog--smart, sweet--kisses you to death and has a heart attack when she sees you every morning and evening--LOVES to have her belly rubbed (man--such a display probably would be illegal in a few states!) and is an awesome jumper (leaps over couches, loves to catch balls, Frisbees, etc--takes off running "like a bullet" at the park when excited!) and will sit in the front seat watching traffic/ cars/ people life a person (aka Bailiff).So--since we had a sunny day (what is that? number 12??) I took pics of her, so--enjoy!!