Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy (Post) Holidays

Just a quick post to say happy happy happy to all...I had a great holiday with my mom (got lots of baking in--yum!!) that was fun, relaxing and very enjoyable--esp. for my second holiday not at home and without Mr. E (no dog pictures next to the tree--also the first year ya'all aren't getting the classic a & e picture--I'm sure some of you say "yeah" to that and some may say "boo"!!) Then we celebrated mom's birthday in style (a very nice dinner) and are looking forward to days of continued house repair/ painting/ store inventory (which I say "ugh" to and mom says "yeah!!" to--to each his/ her own, right? thank god.) I hope you all are doing well and are finding your peace, health and happiness in some way this season--even tho' I did not send out cards specifically to each of you, I did send out loving thoughts, wishes and dreams!! Take care and we'll continue to stay in touch throughout the upcoming years!

Monday, December 17, 2007

WHAT THE...?????

What the heck happened to this month?? Talk about time flying by...I swear I just blogged on the preparation for gallery walk a few days ago and now BAM! it's a couple weeks later, almost Christmas....I still have LOTS to do to get ready for my mom's visit; getting ready to start daily exercise routines for pre-marathon training; getting all those packages out for godchild/ nieces to get before the holidays, etc. Talk about feeling even more scattered than I already are...or am (you know what I mean). I did buy a tree this year (such a beautiful tree/ so yummy smelling and full)--my roommate and I had fun decorating it (even tho' Anji's kids told me what a bad person I am for buying a REAL tree--getting guilt trips from 5 and 8 year olds can be killer!!) and that helps make it feel more festive in the house. It'll be weird not to be at home this year--only the SECOND TIME EVER to not be in Colorado or with the majority of my family at the holidays...It sucks not having the lil' ones around on the big day (that's my favorite part--seeing them all psyched up)--that and the holiday traditions (like Christmas morning brunch for the neighbors, Christmas eve and the happy birthday Jesus/grandma and mom cake--maybe I'll still try to do that one while mom is here to keep somethings in line...and beg mom to do bread and holiday eggs on Christmas morning. sorry you guys won't get to have that...we'll think of you as we chow down!!
oh--speaking of giving (and hearkening back to the marathon mention)--check out my link to my run/ please consider giving so people with leukemia/lymphoma have hope and I can reach my goal way before the run/ deadline...I appreciate it all!!:)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gallery hell

well, this week has consisted of the pukey/fever virus going around (caught by yours truely on wednesday...I like being able to sympatize with my patients, dont'cha know!!), several colds and..the massive preparations for Juneau's annual Gallery walk. This is a night where all the galleries are open/ showing their "goods" and encouraging all good alaskans to spend spend spend! The Creating Place is, of course, gonna join in and offer two of our friends wares (both do glass work--should be beautiful displays!! However, I must say from a photographers stand point, getting pictures of glass SUCKS!! The only decent picture gotten is the one included, the work done by our friend Heidi Johnson, who has a art space in our backroom...for a bit longer, that is. I love her stuff...also see the video filmed there by local paper, the empire.) Anji made me in charge of everything--the food, drinks, cleaning the store/ space--its been a bucket of mayhem. Hopefully the night will go well, tho'--last year was a dismal crowd (our gallery sure has changed in the year, I must say) but we looked stunnning and served awesome fact, I have to go to make the dessert sushi for the event. Off one project to the next...