Saturday, March 29, 2008

The other beni of my trip

so--the other added benefit of my trip was I got to see my sister Holio and bro-in-law Tim as well as pooch Dusty and much loved niece Alyse!! She is 10 months now (time has flown!!) and is happy happy happy! energetic, fast-crawler, LEFT HANDED (yeah!!) and just a joy to be around!! I had a relaxing time on the Habecker homestead and really enjoyed my time there/ wish I was closer to them. Thanks Guys!!

ps doesn't she look adorable in her Easter dress? thanks auntie Peggy!!!

My favorite pics from Africa...

So, I was able to find the cable...and download some of my favorite pics from the trip.

So enjoy!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Out of Africa

Greetings to all...I tried to delay this a couple of days after returning so that I could up load some pics, wow you with some portraits of the warmer continent, but alias, I can not find the cable to connect my new camera to the computer to upload pics (and the home computer/ Internet isn't working--alas, it's always something...wait--a cable you say? sounds like a new camera? why yes--that was the beginning of the trip--nimrod that I am--left my right arm (as I refer to my favorite implement, my camera, that is, as) on the plane--never done that before. Hopefully never will do again. So the two days visiting sister Jo, broinlaw Tim and baby Alyse (who is SO cute, fun, happy, and--amazingly LEFT HANDED!!) had to run to best buy and get a minimal substitute...which worked ok. Sigh. So--do have some cool, awe inspiring prints, some amazing stories, some moments that have changed me forever--it was truly the trip of a lifetime and I am sooooo thankful that I was part of the group that went/ really appreciated who I was with and Who I was working for/ with...met neat people, saw and treated things I've never seen (or treated ) before--some without interpreters!! so, soon you all will probably get more details, info, pics from me...just wanted to let you know that I made the (long) trip home in one piece, loved (almost) every minute of it, appreciated your support, thoughts, prayers, help and really got to think alot of who I am/ who we are, appreciate where we come from...etc. I really really appreciate having such a great base of family, friends like you all around me and am thankful everyday that I am living the life I am....I should be giving more praise on a daily basis to God and you all, so forgive me for not doing it sooner. You all rock. Thanks.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greetings from the wqrmer continent

Hey there everyone
greetings from to get brief time to send a quick message out am here, all is fine and great!! Love Senegal so far, the people Ive met; the team from texas is sweet, starting clinics today (played yest with kids more info later) sorry abt this typying french keyboard i am nervous abt numbers, what we will see but all is hunky dory love to you all
hugs and kisses african amy who is not sunburned but hot and still hydrated
ps trip over tons of cramps never felt like running so much in my life!!!
make sure mom sees this!!