Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things that improve with age...

So I got a shocker yesterday....the first time I've ever been told that something physically on my body was better DUE to my totally weird and strange does that strike you? "Oh--that ____ has improved due to the fact that you have gotten older and more mature". Now--I'm use to hearing that with--what? wine, right? and guys (well, that's when I did have guys to hang around--before I gave up on them). Let's see- what else improves with time--uhm--oh yeah--puppies (not so hyper), I guess some aged cheeses, right?, your understanding of your parents perspectives, your ability to handle things like criticism (some people, that is), uhm--long-term mutual funds, traditions, --what else do you wanna add here? It's just something that you don't think about when you refer to your overall physical being (seems like always fighting aging affects, gravity,etc). Time is a great ravager/ destroyer of these things...

oh--what was it, you say? why--it was my eyes!! first time ever, since the first time I got glasses in (what was it? second grade??) that my prescription WENT DOWN instead of up--here I was thinking that the fuzzy's were due to needing to up the script and lo'behold, I needed to back down--blew me (and my opthomologist) away!! cool!! (yeah for carrots--right??!?!)

bytheway--what happened to this month??

Monday, February 11, 2008

See and Be Seen

So this weekend was the annual wearable art attraction here in is the way the local arts coucil makes it $$ for scholarships and has become THE attraction over the years (so much so that it had to become a two show venue this year to allow everyone who wanted to see it enuf time/seats to see outgrew the original spot 3 years ago and is held in the convention center and is PACKED--people buy their tickets/ book babysitters 2-3 months in advance, that's how popular it is. And those of us who are nuts enuf to be in it--well, we work on our art for months in advance. What is wearable art, you say?? Well, it's anything that you can make into art--loosely--that can be worn. For this crazy participant (ever since the event was created--what was that--8 years ago??--it means finding something that was gonna be thrown away, recycling it and turning it into something last year a whole years worth of post-it notes from the front office made into a flapper dress (complete with feathers, beads)-previous years a prom dress made out of AOL disks, a boostiae make from spam can labels, a mosaic on a surgeon gown out of immunization vial lids. This year it was a years worth of radiology stickers (each xray has a sticker that says the date the xays was take) made into a --uhm--sorta ballroom gown. Yup--just stretch your imagination some and it'll come. It was fun--I gotta be wild and crazy on the runway (tons of people didn't recognize me) but I got a bizzilion complements....before ya ask, I didn't win any prizes. A "fish" costume made out of old dvds (nice and shiney) and a stiff prom dress made from puzzle pieces won 1st and 2nd prize--3rd split between a mini skirt dress made from bras and two dresses woven from garbage bags. Yup--Juneau full of high culture--I tell ya. Good times, good times. Looking for next year inspiration right now, if ya got any spare crap hangin' around....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Uhmmm Brrrr???

Ok--technically the true "Uhm Burh" was what we use to say as kids when someone was gonna get it (and get it good!!)--I've been told that's a Colorado thing (midwesterns don't even know what the heck that means/ never heard it before...) this, however, refers to the temperatures around here which have been in the SINGLE DIGITS!! yikes! even when the sun shines it still makes it hard to enjoy going sung in my brothers favorite tom cruise film [it] "takes my breathe away"....I mean, I know I live in Alaska but does it have to feel like it?