Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alaska in the news??

boy--it is WIERD to turn on the news--the NATIONAL news and see our great state mentioned on a regular basis--ney, not only the state but my awesome hometown!! All because our most famous resident, aka the Governor, is now in line to be second top-dog, vice pres, of all things!! People who have never had cause to say our name, let alone THINK about Alaska are now speaking of us on a regular basis!! We have, it seems, always convinced the REST of the states (aka the lower 48) treat us/ thought of us as the "red headed step-sister"....the one to acknowledge, but only in times of need. I mean, think about shipping to ANYWHERE (then in small print) except Alaska. Occasionally our "sister" state (aka noncontiguous state Hawaii) occasionally gets thrown into the category too...they alone feel our pain. But then, they get the break/ help through the fact that they are a "destination location", a vacation spot. So planes, MORE THAN ONE AIRLINE, goes there on a regular basis. So supplies aren't in such deadlock, like us. And that we are captive to our one and only airline--sigh.
The other thing is that, on a whole, Alaskans tend to be a..uhm, what's the best way to put this? A reserved, we-stick-to-ourselves kinda lot. Some places more than others (like Fairbanks, the place with the most per-capita group of paranoid lifeforms around...) So to have us in the limelite, well, it's a bit unnerving.
And now people I've not been in contact with in...well, forever, have started to contact me and ask about things--I suppose that's the upbeat benefit of all this...on the other hand, it was nice having out state run by someone who WAS elected for the job and doing alright....but now what's gonna happen? The "runner-up" is in his own battle for senate, so....some unknown dude it there? Just when I thought things were already heading to hot place in a basket...sigh.
But hey--any publicity is good publicity? Especially if it is free, no?