Monday, November 3, 2008

Dress up--it's not just for kids!!

so--as many of u know, I love Halloween...I love dressing up in different outfits and just the thought of being able to do that for a whole day--well, its exciting!! I helped outfit the symphony with previous years outfits...and this year, I had another patient dress up in the same outfit as me!! I love the pics with "miniMary Poppins"--she was so adorable (and she told me her favorite song in the movie is "Step in time"!!!) And yes--I did have a spoon-fill of sugar with me....I enjoyed my day immensely! My "other" family member did too--she wore her outfit the whole day and had no qualms about it--she loved to entertain the kids we saw as well. She truly is a wonderful dog. I even took the night off (first one in..oh, I don't know--years?) and went out with friends...unfortunately my camera died at that don't have pics of them. I hope everyone got sugared out and recovered without incident.