Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh grow up!!

So--now that I have had my BIG birthday, I was reflecting on the fact that I often here that people (or more particularly I) should be more "adult-like", more "grown-up". I'm not sure, however, that this induces good art. Think about some of the best artist around--don't you often hear people say "my five year old could have done that?" Have you ever looked at a preschoolers art and truely appreciated it/ thought it was more beautiful than anything you've ever done? (besides the often amusing commentary about the art or content...) anyone seen "my kid could paint that"...(got it on netflicks...very interesting).

and why is that? I tend to think that because children are more open-minded, don't have preconcieved notions about what art should be/ look like that they are open to--well, almost anything!! To that end, I think, especially in the artist arena, we SHOULD strive to be more child-like and less adult--dontcha think? Ok--maybe I'm justifying my self actions--but I think it's ok...maybe for now. I hope though, when I am getting too childish (and THAT never happens!) my friends would say--"ok--enough". My family says it all the time so that doesn't count.

Just as a side note--the little girl who is the subject of above mentioned movie has a website--check it (and her adorible self!) out: enclosed are a couple copies of pics... also my own "artist" in the family--my one year old niece "painting" with cake!! yeah for creativity...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I MADE IT!! ok--well, I only did half a marathon..but that's still longer than most people have ever run in their lives, right?? No--I am very pleased with myself, my wonderful teammates and I loved the whole Team-In-Training experience...I got to meet, run with and share such a terrific experience with THE BEST people ever!! I feel now, that I have done this and was part of a larger group (overall 3400 people ran for the lymphoma/leukemia society TNT and raised over 10 million dollars!!) that I have really accomplished something--and will probably attempt to do it again!! Thanks to all who helped me--either thru financial support, emotional support, encouragement, thoughts/ prayers--you helped me get there!!

Included are pictures of my teammates, SanDiego, the event (altho no shots of the marathon--that's on the disposible camera) and the best--the dance afterwards!! I'd just like to say--