Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goodbye to the old/ yeah for the new

so-wow!! the year has gone by zip-zam-zoom!! and now it's new years eve--the last day of has been an interesting year, I'd say. and now lots of new, exciting things lie ahead of us and I am sooo excited! I credit the changes to me and my life a lot to my renewed faith in God (and my wonderful supportive Crossroads church!), my family, friends, doggie companion--and the new prospect in my horizon! I hope everyone finds what they seek (such as answers/ spaces/ peace, etc) this year and I look forward to such a positive journey with each of you!! attached are my fav pics from christmas holiday (both in Reno, NV and Estes Park, CO) for entertainment value...
if ya wanna chat too, I am now on Facebook (an amazing creation!!)
Blessings to all!!