Monday, January 28, 2008

A Hard day....

Today turned out to be a hard day to be a pediatrician...really, overall, to be a human being who cared truly and deeply for another. Even tho' he was only 2 years old he lived more in his two years than a lot of people I know have lived in their 20, their 40, heck, even their 60 years of life. He enjoyed EVERYTHING around him, be it a tickle, a smile, a plastic stormtrooper, a night at the Travelodge so he could swim in the morning. He always had a laugh and a "happy dance" for you, whether you were a friend, relative or stranger. He was a joy to see come through the door of the office, and we celebrated his good times (like when his blood counts looked good), we troubled over him (when he had belly pain, when he first got sick), we cried over him (when he had his relapse at Children's) but most of all we just loved him. And he loved us back--whole hearted, unconditional. That's the beauty of children like him--little happy giggling smiling angels. And now he gets to be one full time, without any of the pain, without any of the "bad stuff"--he gets to be full D-man, all the time. We will miss him in body but we'll see him in spirit, in the flowers that will come up in spring, in the smile of a brand-new baby--he will be all around us, everywhere. I will NEVER EVER EVER forget what a pleasant sweet lil' dude he was--I hope those lucky angels who get to hang out with him appreciate what a gift they have--I'm gonna miss mine forever! I thank his parents for letting me get so involved with their lovely family and the light that shone so deeply from it...what a blessing. Good night sweet prince.

Monday, January 21, 2008


sorry ya'all...i can't believe a month has almost gone by and I haven't had time to say " HAPPY 2008!!!" I was waiting to try to see if I could download a picture from my cellphone (since my usual reliable camera fritzed out and is still at the repair shop and I've had to use whatever was handy!) but once again technology gets the best of me...hence you don't get to see the new yummy wall that is the summary of me for the new year--bright, cheery, somethin' new ya haven't seen before!! (some of you are laughing now..cut it out!) Mom and I had a great holiday, baking, relaxing (I tried not to drag her too many places/ show her off like the show pony she is!!), doing the story inventory (mom rocked at that!) as well as spending time where all mom/ daughter relationships are the best--Home Depot!! We rocked that joint, man! So now the downstairs has the bright red accent wall, rest pita-bread brown (or soon to be--have to finish the kitchen) and the hallway is offwhite (amazing how it makes it lighter/ easier to see without lights) and upstairs is "belvidere cream"--slightly creamy/ greeny--all those beat the dull gray color everywhere I've lived with for the past 4 years--yikes!! I can't believe I let it go on that long..esp in an area where as much light as possible is a big beni! I think the new colors will go a long way....I also found out I SUCK at the trimming..never hire me to paint, please.
I know my talents lay elsewhere...hahaha.