Thursday, July 16, 2009

opps...sorry for the delay

so i realize its been...well, forever since i blogged. sorry

i did do one but it ended up on another, I'm not sure.

so--here it is again (version #2)

it has been a hectic summer between work, extra curricular activities (boyfriend and his offspring) and overall life...

we had a great time the pm of July 3rd (fireworks go off that night--by the time the sun goes down its past midnight so technically its the fourth.) Had a small part with good friends, relaxed. On the 4th we attended the celebrations for Alaska's 50th year (yep--we've officially been a state for 50 years now!) complete with the original flag, bell ringer and ms. Alaska from 1959--too cool! It was incredibly hot (yes--hot!) during the parade so the rest of the day, we could only do the basics...were able to cool down the next day via a true Alaskan activity--dip into the water by the glacier!! (only the truly brave we able to swim...) Shadow even enjoyed the water...the next weekend we swam in the ocean...again fun but frigid! Hope all are enjoying their summer as well...