Thursday, July 16, 2009

opps...sorry for the delay

so i realize its been...well, forever since i blogged. sorry

i did do one but it ended up on another, I'm not sure.

so--here it is again (version #2)

it has been a hectic summer between work, extra curricular activities (boyfriend and his offspring) and overall life...

we had a great time the pm of July 3rd (fireworks go off that night--by the time the sun goes down its past midnight so technically its the fourth.) Had a small part with good friends, relaxed. On the 4th we attended the celebrations for Alaska's 50th year (yep--we've officially been a state for 50 years now!) complete with the original flag, bell ringer and ms. Alaska from 1959--too cool! It was incredibly hot (yes--hot!) during the parade so the rest of the day, we could only do the basics...were able to cool down the next day via a true Alaskan activity--dip into the water by the glacier!! (only the truly brave we able to swim...) Shadow even enjoyed the water...the next weekend we swam in the ocean...again fun but frigid! Hope all are enjoying their summer as well...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

old...and new (part one)!!

so here is my tribute to spring...and changes that are taking place everywhere...whether they be good, bad or indifferent (this one happens to be good; I like it alot and have gotten a ton of compliments on it--it is the shortest it has ever been, so that takes some getting use to..but it is fun and easy to style and the curls love it 11 1/2 inches to locks of love--if you have never done it or heard about it---check it out ( a great organization, a great cause. this was my fourth!! sigh...well worth the months of torture, i say. :)



and i apologize for my mutiple months hiatus...
i will post what went on soon--
i was/ am lame...but will try to make up for it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

winter snow snow snow

so--remember when you were a kid and you loved to go thru the car wash? or better yet, when the car would hit big puddles of water, throwing a spray up over the car? Juneau has become, thanks to the rain on top of the 5 feet of accumulated snow, a playground for is totally amazing! Prior to that, the huge piles of snow in the yard, driveway, etc made for some fun climbing hills...and added extra amusement thru use of Shadow--she would launch herself into the big banks after her ball, getting buried in the top layer of fluffy snow as she dug herself in after the ball...she's fantastic at finding them/ never loosing site of where the ball is!! She is such a snowdog, not caring if she gets wet or cold,but at the same time is afraid of the puddlesprays (I think its the noise). She and L spend hours while Curt and I shoveled the remainders out of my lovely driveway...they amused each other to no end (thank goodness!!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

puttin' around

it's unusual when you get to do a "classic" childhood experience in Juneau...we don't have a lot of the amenities that kids "down south" get/ grow up with (hence, when families get outta town the always go to the zoo, museums, shows, etc). But on New Years Day, we got to have one of those times--we were able to putt-putt (or, I guess the correct term is minigolf!) of course, my friend's kid had never seen a golf course, let alone held a club, so it was a fun, exciting challenge! The holes weremade by local people and depicted Alaskan themes, such as "The Airport", where you had to get it straight into the hole or else risk getting sidetracked into another "city" (such as Ketchican, Sitka--anyone who's flown in the southeast knows and loves this experience). L's favorite was the "Interior Alaska", complete with cabin, pipeline and northern lights. Someone even made the Gastineau Channel, where you had to bank your shot off a cruise ship. My favorite was having to putt under a dinosaur, mastodon and then into an oil well, called (appropriately) "Where You PFD Comes From" (PFD= permanent fund dividend, the $$ we alaskans get from oil sale revenues every year). I didn't win, of course, but had a great time. Will keep scouring for additional childhood experiences wherever I can find 'em/ get 'em...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goodbye to the old/ yeah for the new

so-wow!! the year has gone by zip-zam-zoom!! and now it's new years eve--the last day of has been an interesting year, I'd say. and now lots of new, exciting things lie ahead of us and I am sooo excited! I credit the changes to me and my life a lot to my renewed faith in God (and my wonderful supportive Crossroads church!), my family, friends, doggie companion--and the new prospect in my horizon! I hope everyone finds what they seek (such as answers/ spaces/ peace, etc) this year and I look forward to such a positive journey with each of you!! attached are my fav pics from christmas holiday (both in Reno, NV and Estes Park, CO) for entertainment value...
if ya wanna chat too, I am now on Facebook (an amazing creation!!)
Blessings to all!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dress up--it's not just for kids!!

so--as many of u know, I love Halloween...I love dressing up in different outfits and just the thought of being able to do that for a whole day--well, its exciting!! I helped outfit the symphony with previous years outfits...and this year, I had another patient dress up in the same outfit as me!! I love the pics with "miniMary Poppins"--she was so adorable (and she told me her favorite song in the movie is "Step in time"!!!) And yes--I did have a spoon-fill of sugar with me....I enjoyed my day immensely! My "other" family member did too--she wore her outfit the whole day and had no qualms about it--she loved to entertain the kids we saw as well. She truly is a wonderful dog. I even took the night off (first one in..oh, I don't know--years?) and went out with friends...unfortunately my camera died at that don't have pics of them. I hope everyone got sugared out and recovered without incident.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beauty (snow, that is) and Beasts

so--my kinda weather this weekend. lots of pure, beautiful white snow. LOVED IT!! unfortunately, it won't last long here...the rain washes it away..lovely while it happened tho'. And then we had our concert (Juneau Symphony Orchestra) which was a BLAST--there's a ton of fun people, all in costumes, playing music together (and we sound good!!) which made the weekend even of a blast...ah. loving life right now...only way it'd get better is to have family here to enjoy it too...??possibly soon??