Tuesday, January 13, 2009

winter fun...ie snow snow snow

so--remember when you were a kid and you loved to go thru the car wash? or better yet, when the car would hit big puddles of water, throwing a spray up over the car? Juneau has become, thanks to the rain on top of the 5 feet of accumulated snow, a playground for waterworks....it is totally amazing! Prior to that, the huge piles of snow in the yard, driveway, etc made for some fun climbing hills...and added extra amusement thru use of Shadow--she would launch herself into the big banks after her ball, getting buried in the top layer of fluffy snow as she dug herself in after the ball...she's fantastic at finding them/ never loosing site of where the ball is!! She is such a snowdog, not caring if she gets wet or cold,but at the same time is afraid of the puddlesprays (I think its the noise). She and L spend hours while Curt and I shoveled the remainders out of my lovely driveway...they amused each other to no end (thank goodness!!)


Habby said...

Yipes Stripes....so glad I don't have that problem!!

Angela said...

Hey, it's March. What's new in your world?